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Arduino Smartphone Bluetooth Control Robo Car

Hey friends in this video I will show you how to make Smartphone Control Robo Car with L293D Motor Driver Custom Shield.

I have designed my own L293D Robo Shield for Arduino UNO which has multiple Sensors Connectivity Ports.

This PCB Shield can be used in other ROBOT Projects as well.

YouTube Tutorial:-

Order PCB:-

Discount Coupon Code:- JLCPCBcom

PCB Gerber File:-

Download ZIP • 64KB


Arduino UNO:

L293D Motor Driver Module:

L293D IC:

HC-05 Bluetooth Module:

BO TT Gear Motor:

BO TT Wheels:

Castor Wheel:

18650 Battery:

18650 Battery Holder:



PCB Schematic

MIT App Inventor:-

I have created Android Application to Control this Robo Car in MIT APP Inventor

Download Android APK file and If you want to edit the application in MIT APP Inventor you can Import my .aia file:

Download ZIP • 4.19MB


Download ZIP • 1KB

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