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ESP32 Google Assistant Amazon Alexa Manual Home Automation IOT Project

Hey friends in this tutorial I will show you how to make ESP32 Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Manual Control Home Automation IOT Project.

You will be able to control your Appliances, Devices with Smartphone Amazon Alexa and Google Home application from any where around world.

If you are not connected to internet then you can control it with Manual Switches as well.

I have designed PCB For this project which makes this project very simple, compact and easy to use and install. This PCB can be used for multiple projects with ESP32 Nodemcu Board and has 8CH Relay Control for more Devices.

PCBA from $0 (Free Setup, Free Stencil): (Register to Get Coupons)

Discount Coupon Code:- JLCPCBcom

PCB Gerber File:-

Gerber_PCB_HomeAutomation ESP32 V2 (1)
Download Z • 99KB
Download ZIP • 6KB


ESP Wroom 32 Nodemcu Board

5V Relay Module 4CH




PCB Components:-

HI Link 220v AC to 5v DC Converter

PBT Terminal Connector 3 Pin

PBT Terminal Connector 2 Pin

Female Header pin

330 ohms Resistor

220 ohms Resistor

BC547 Transistor

IN4007 Diode

Push Button

5v Relay



PCB Schematic:


Download ZIP • 3KB


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