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WS2812B LED Pattern Attiny85 Arduino

Hey friends in this video I will show you how to produce different Light Patterns on WS2812B Neopixel Addressable LED Strip with Attiny85 and Arduino.

You can make this same project with any Arduino Board

I am using attiny85 programmer PCB board which I have designed for programming Attiny85 Microcontroller.

YouTube Tutorial:-

Hindi Tutorial:-

Order PCB:-

PCBA from $0(Free Setup, Free Stencil): (Register to Get Coupons)

Discount Coupon Code:- JLCPCBcom

PCB Gerber File:-

Gerber_atiny programmer_20190113163252
Download ZIP • 48KB



Push button

16mhz Crystal

WS2812B LED Strip

5V Power supply


Arduino Connection

Attiny85 Connection


Download ZIP • 22KB

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